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Reviews of Attorney Bernard Walter

"I am an attorney who recently lost a family member, but I do not work in the area of estates or probate. I enlisted Bernard's help, and I am very glad I did. The process was much more complicated than I expected, but Bernard made it look effortless. On at least two occasions, Bernard stepped in to handle emergencies (of my own creation) after hours and on very short notice. I could not have done this without his expertise."
— Chris

"It's inadequate to describe Bernard simply as a service provider, because like so many of his clients I have become a friend. Even limiting my comments to a professional relationship, it's important to say what an exceptional attorney Bernard is. His emphasis on finding solutions rather than simply "winning" has served me well, and I'm sure saved time, emotions, and money that might have been wasted. And his approach, while frequently creative, has always been honest and straightforward, while he has been tenacious in defending my interests. Bernard is dedicated to honest actions and clear communication which is rare among attorneys."
— Professor Dan S.

"Mr. Walter was very helpful in educating me on the probate process and it was wonderful to work with him. I would highly recommend him."
— Erin M.

"Attorney Walter has handled business and personal affairs for us over many years. He possesses thorough legal knowledge, but more important has always searched for a fair, "win-win" solution to any challenge we've brought him, showing understanding and compassion. He has worked efficiently, never padding his time or fees. In addition, he has been active in working to improve legal representation for those in need, as a founder and volunteer of both a free legal clinic and an elder law committee of the local bar association."
— Ron B.

"My family has been very satisfied with the service from Mr. Walter's office. Over the past fifteen years, we have experienced extraordinary legal direction (with enlightened personal touches) in estate planning, drafting of wills and guidance through the probate process."
— Sue P.

"I have had the pleasure of working aside one of Mr. Walter's clients for several years. I can attest that when my superior needs serious legal counsel he trusts our firm with Mr. Walters implicitly. Highly recommend."
— Mike B.

"My partner was in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver. Bernard was helpful every step of the way! Bernard was thoughtful, strategic, diplomatic, and assertive. Bernard is well organized and highly skilled in legal negotiations. While the settlement took some time, Bernard kept in constant contact and was supportive over the difficult journey. We highly recommend him!"
— Morgan C.

"Mr. Walter was very kind, thoughtful and professional helping us through the probate process of two deceased relatives. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for an attorney."
— John

"If not for Attorney Bernard Walter propensity of the jurisprudence system we would have not been able to conclude this law suit in a positive manner. In addition to the aforesaid information I found Attorney Bernard Walter to be an upright, fair, considerate man with extremely high morals, genuine manners, and high standards. Attorney Bernard Walter assisted me in resolving a very nasty situation with all parties involved and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity for him to represent me. I was fortunate to retain the services of Attorney Bernard Walter for an unfortunate family dispute regarding an estate.

This was a very difficult situation and with Attorney Bernard Walter expertise, professionalism, qualifications, knowledge, and astute understanding of the specific complications in this type of dispute we were able to achieve a positive conclusion. A major portion of dealings with Attorney Bernard Walter had to be handled through emails, phone conversations because I live in Florida and the arbitration of the law suit involved property in Pennsylvania. It is with great respect that I can Thank God for the good fortune of selecting Attorney Bernard Walter."
— Cheryl

"Bernard recently guided me through some issues arising from a consulting engagement several years ago. His background is so well rounded, we easily navigated the federal process. I was so thoroughly prepared for what to expect and what my rights were, the event was much less troublesome. It sure was nice to have Bernard by my side and it definitely increased my confidence and success."
— Bill W.

Atty Bernard was very helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him.
— Donna P.

Mr. Walter was very helpful, kind and professional helping us through the probate process of two deceased relatives. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
— John


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