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Probate Law In Luzerne County, PA

After losing a loved one, a deeply caring, experienced, and understanding attorney can help make decisions about estate administration much easier and more meaningful.  We bring a personal touch to our work rarely found in big firms.  Please allow us to assist you with the probate process and some important decisions awaiting you and your loved ones.I can help guide you comfortably through each step of the process.  As founder and long time chairman of the Elder Law Committee of the Luzerne County Bar Association and years of experience in probate, my help can make a positive difference through all this for you.

Whether your need is immediate or you would like to plan ahead to ensure that your family is protected, I will serve your best interests. Having a good Will, Power of Attorney, and Living Will minimizes the risks of avoidable expenses, family disputes, and needless delays, all to enhance new chapters in your family life.

Filing the Proper Documentation

It's important to understand the legal process of probate law and make sure all paperwork is properly filed or filled out during the probate process.  This begins with an analysis of the will, if there is one, and then the drafting of the initial petition for the Letters Testamentary to permit the executor to assume his or her duties to the Estate and the beneficiaries.  If there is no will, we will work with the beneficiaries to establish who best to assume duties for administration of the estate.

Probate law attorney, Bernard Walter, will be there to help you with:

  • Organizing and safeguarding estate assets for inventory and tax reporting.
  • Prioritizing and validating for payment of all debts and bills accruing during administration.
  • Distribution of estate assets to Beneficiaries
  • Asset Titling to Transfer Legal Ownership
  • Preparation/filing of the Inheritance tax return.
  • Document preparation and filing.
  • Providing fair and neutral assistance in any dispute resolution.
  • Estate Settlement Agreement or accounting.