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Estate Planning In the Backmountain

While nobody likes to think about death, it's important to have legal documents in place to carry out your wishes when you're gone or unable to make them clear. As an estate planning attorney, Bernard Walter walks you through the entire process of planning for the future. Depend on him to create and customize a plan for you involving wills & trust law, and power of attorney.

Wills & Trusts

Rely on us to help you create a will or trust, including living wills and advisements on gifts and estate tax issues.

The most common reasons to establish a will is to:

  • Describe the Estate
  • Determine who will Receive What
  • Appoint a Guardian for any Children
  • Supplement Your Will with a Trust that Allows the Benefits to be Granted to Different People

Navigating Complex Benefit Options

For more complex situations, attorney Walter will discuss your estate planning, family limited partnerships, qualified personal residence trusts, generation-skipping trusts, and charitable remainder trusts. Living wills and powers of attorney establish care when you can't make your wishes known.

Make an appointment today with attorney Walter to discuss your estate planning and learn about wills and trust law in Shavertown, PA.